1965 - 1975

1965 - 1975

1965:   Michele Peresso senior started importing pharmaceutical products from J. Uriach & Cia, S.A. of Barcelona, Spain.  This was a small department, as his main business role was that of a Printer.

1965:   Peresso Printing Press, the first office of the Pharmaceutical Division.

1972:   Mr. Emanuel Peresso took over the organization of this department from his father, Michele, and leaves the Printing Press which was established by his father Michele way back in 1934.

1975:   Mr. Emanuel Peresso branched out on his own and moved to a small office in Valletta, and started his business career with €1400 of Medicinal Stocks and €4500 in cash.  (at that time these were in Maltese Currency)

1975:   The company’s 2nd office in St. Paul’s Street, Valletta

1976 – 1984

1976 – 1984

1981:   Ruggier’s Pharmacy was acquired in Rabat.

1982:   New contacts were established with Pharmaceutical Laboratories, all from the region of Catalunya. Medical Hospital supplies were also introduced to the local market.

1983:   All assets and liabilities of Mr. Emanuel Peresso were transferred to Michele Peresso Limited, with Mr. Emanuel Peresso as Managing Director and sole owner. During this year the company started manufacturing insecticides and airfrehners.

1984:   Due to the company’s expansion, the Head Office was transferred to larger premises at Catalunya Buildings in Elias Street, Birkirkara. The Company installed its first IT computerized network.

1985 – 1990

1985 – 1990

1985:   Further expansion in the manufacture, importation and distribution of toilet preparations, cosmetics and perfumes. Diabetic products were launched on the local market.

1986:   “Oscar Europeo del Lavoro” was awarded by CIPEM Italy. A decision was taken, at Board level, to seek larger and modern premises for the company’s expanding activities.

1987:   A new site in a prime area, measuring approximately 1200SQM of land, was acquired.

1988:   The Board approved the layout plans for the new building and the tender for the related works was awarded, after which excavations and building of the Company Headquarters started in full swing.

1990:   The company was awarded, despite stiff competition, major tenders for Human Haemoderivatives, a new line for our Pharmaceutical Department.
On 22nd November, phase one of the building project was completed and the offices and stores were transferred to the new premises.

1991 – 2000

1991 – 2000

1991:   The setup of the company was fully computerized.

1992:   On 5th December, the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami, inaugurated Catalunya Buildings. This building comprise fully which functional stores, offices, showroom, pharmacy and conference centre, occupy a total floor space of 6800SQM.

The building compares very well with European standards and is certainly unique on our Island.

1994:   EuroSport was established. Today, this mega sports shop contains 2500SQM, and is by far the largest sports department store in Malta and Gozo.

1995:   The company was awarded a very prestigious project: the supply, delivery and installation of equipment, furniture and furnishings for the refurbishment of two new Orthopaedic wards. This was a turnkey project intended for St. Luke’s Hospital, Malta.

1996:    The company purchased further land within the Company’s Headquarters in B’Kara for further expansion devolpment.

1997:   The third generation of the Peresso family started taking shape. Maria Christina Peresso, the eldest of four children, started her career with the company. She became responsible for Purchasing and Shipping.

1998 – 2000:   Michele Peresso Limited won consequtively the ‘Adidas Performer of the Year’ award.

1998 – 2001:   Michele Peresso Ltd through its chain of Sport Shops EUROSPORT was the first Maltese Company to open franchised Sport Shops in various parts of Malta and Gozo.

1999:   Michael Peresso (Jnr) joined his sister Maria Christina. He was posted in the Accounts Department, but later joined the Healthcare Division.

1999:    Michele Peresso Ltd opened its first Eurosport in Gozo.

2000:     The Company purchased a very prestigious and expensive Commercial property in Republic Street Valletta.  This High Street Commercial Area is considered to be the most important Commercial Area in Malta.

2001 - 2002

2001 - 2002

2001:   Maria Christina Peresso and Michael Peresso (Jnr) were appointed Directors of Michele Peresso Limited.

Michele Peresso Ltd. Opened the first Adidas Brand Store at the New Shopping Complex, Bay Street.

  Late 2002, Michele Peresso Limited purchased all assets of Peresso Printing Press and took over the operational management of the press, which was founded way back in 1934 by Michele Peresso (Snr).

2003 - 2005

2003 - 2005

2003:    Michele Peresso Group purchased two important properties in the best part of Paola Square Paola, considered to be as the most important Commercial area of the South.  This was converted to a Eurosport Store. Two years later the Group purchased two other adjoining properties.  The scope of this was for the Group to demolish these four properties and invest in a modern Shopping Mall in the South for the Groups Brands.  Still after four years expecting necessary building permits from the Malta Planning Authorities.

Michele Peresso Ltd, through its Adidas operation in Malta was awarded for the fourth time the Adidas Performer of the year. (These awards are no longer being given due to a restructuring exercise by Adidas.

2004:   Mr. Michele Peresso SNR (father of Emanuel Peresso) passes away.

2004:   A new retail outlet of 500SQM, in the heart of entertainment in Malta, in St. Julian’s was opened, stocking a wide variety of sports wear, housing world prestigious brands including Adidas, Kappa / Robe di Kappa, Skechers USA, Head, Cressi and others.  This Store was opened by the Hon Prime Minister of Malta, and European Personality of the Year Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami.

Dr. Fenech Adami started his speech by saying “Upon receiving Manuel’s invitation letter inviting me to inaugurate this new Euroshop, I immediately and without hesitation decided that I would accept. In fact, after same dates were suggested to a European meeting I instructed my secretary to fit this appointment for this inauguration for another Michele Peresso shop. In fact I was supposed to be in Paris today, but I chose to come here and open this shop, as I did not want to miss this event”.

Michele Peresso Ltd, was restructured into a Group of Companies having five member Companies, namely Eurosport, Europharma, Eurosave and Europerfumery and Michele Peresso Ltd as a holding Company. 

•    Eurosport Ltd invested in a further 1200sqm of retail space, resulting in a functional building of 6750sqm.  By far Michele Peresso Group Headquarters and Flagship Stores is considered to be the largest Commercial building in Malta.

•    Michele Peresso Group of Companies acquires a prestigious Commercial building of 2000sqm in a Prime Commercial area, L-Iklin

•    Victoria Peresso started full time employment with one of the Member Companies, EuroSave Ltd.

•    After an absence of almost twenty years Michele Peresso Limited, under Christmas Mania Collections, imported a wide range of Christmas decorations and lights, opened seven Christmas shops and organized a Christmas village with Fir Wooden Sheds, at the Valletta Waterfront.  This was the first Christmas Village organized in Malta and as usually happens, other followed us, years after.

•    A new EuroSport, was opened in Bay Street Shopping Mall.



•    A consolidation programme of all companies forming part of Michele Peresso Group was decided, to strengthen further the general performance of the Group.

•    A new Adidas brand store was opened in Republic Street, Valletta, considered to be as the most expensive and important shopping centre in Malta.

•    A new Medical Centre retail outlet was opened in Gozo to cater for those Gozitans having to cross over to Malta for their needs, pertaining to aids for the elderly and disabled.

•    Michele Peresso Group, under Christmas Mania Collections has participated at the NEC Spring Exhibition in Birmingham UK, occupying 143 SQM, and exhibiting a full range of Christmas decorations, lights and giftware. Our first exports of the above were sent mostly to the UK.



•    Victoria Peresso was appointed Director of Michele Peresso Limited, whilst Maria Christina Peresso and Michael Peresso (Jnr) were appointed Managing Directors of EuroSport Limited and EuroPharma Limited respectively.

•    EuroSport Limited hosted one of the greatest Football Teams in the world, AC Milan at their Flagship Store in Birkirkara, which included world class players like Kaka, Ambrosini, Dida, Seedorf, Simic and other, together with Coach Ancelotti and officials.



•    Michele Peresso Fashions Ltd was formed.  Concurrently Sole Distribution rights were finalized with UPIM SRL, Bata SRL and Fergi, and the first Bata and Fergi Stores were opened in Gozo.

•    The Duke Shopping Mall was opened late 2008.  This state of the art mall was a creation of Michele Peresso Group, from its inception to its detailed logistics and operational strategy plan.  Included in this new Shopping Mall, are four new brand stores which Michele Peresso Group officially opened concurrently with the official opening of the Duke Shopping Mall, namely an Adidas, Skechers, Bata and Fergi Brand Stores were opened.  This was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Malta.

•    Eurosport Ltd opened two state of the art Brand Stores in their Flagship Store in Birkirkara, an Adidas brand store having a gross retail space of 800sqm and a Reebok brand store with a gross retails space of 220sqm.

•    Michele Peresso Group acquired a very high prestigious Commercial Building totaling 1600sqm in the heart of Sliema High Street Commercial Area.



•    Michele Peresso Fashions Ltd opened its first UPIM Department Store at the Duke Shopping Mall in Gozo having a retail space of 550sqm.

•    Followed by a Bata Brand Store in the heart of Valletta City Center.

•    The Group has opened another UPIM Department Store in the core of Valletta City Center.  A highly expensive and high street area.  This property is a 200 year old Palazzo of 950sqm converted into a modern department store with a touch of Italian design and décor.

•    2009 was considered a very difficult year worldwide.  Malta was no exception.  The Group managed to finish the year bravely, looking forward for the years to follow.

•    Europharma Ltd acquires a large prestigious building of 1000sqm and opens a new Medical centre retail outlet, plus warehouses.

•    Michele Peresso Group increases its Share Capital by more than Euro 10 million.



•    Ms. Victoria Peresso is appointed Managing Director of Michele Peresso Fashions Ltd. 

•    Ms. Noella Peresso is the fourth child, today 18 years old of Mr. Emanuel Peresso CEO of the Group, and is currently studying in higher education, to also enter into the Group Operations after fulfilling her accountancy studies.

•    Michele Peresso Group is highly considering in further investing in Retail Outlets outside the Maltese shores, in particular North Africa – Libya. Advanced negotiations to open various Stores in this Country which can offer great opportunities today and the years to follow.

•    Notwithstanding the World recession is still hitting several European Countries including Malta, the Group will expand further locally, by opening five new Stores at the New Shopping Mall in Sliema ‘The Point’.  There Stores will be Adidas, Bata, Eurosport and Reebok

•    Mr. Michael Peresso Jnr, besides being Managing Director of Europharma Ltd, takes responsibility of the General Operations of the Group.

•    The Group will refurbish and restructure the two outlets in L-Iklin and St. Julian’s to a monobrand Stores.

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