Power Scooters

New - S11 electric scooter

New item

Code: HWS11

HeartWay® S11 Zen is a stylish lightweight compact mobility travel scooter, with ease to use controls. S11 Zen can be dismantled in seconds, for easy hand-carry and storage, or so that can be put into any car for transportation. The weight of the heaviest piece of S11 Zen is only 47 lbs.


New - PF2K electric scooter

New item

Code: HWPF2K



NEW - Foldable Power Scooter

Brio S19

Code: HWS19


It folds up easily with just a flip of lever. Takes up very little space for storage once folded up like a 24" luggage. Carries up to 115kg for 15-20km travelling distance per charge. Heartway S19 Brio can be checked into airplane or cruise ship for overseas travelling. Certified by FDA, CE, TUV and ISO. Design award winner.


PF3 Nomad 4

Code: HWPF3

A medium-sized 4-wheeled scooter provides great stability and comfort.


S33 Picnic

Code: HWS33

An Aluminum-framed scooter that has all the functions in a rather small structure. It is featured with a harness-free battery box, has great portability and is easy to assemble and disassemble .Max weight capacity 115 kgs.Battery range 15km.

S12 Vita

Code: HWS12

This brand new 13km/h (15km/h upgradable) scooter features a fully informative liquid crystal display that keeps the user informed of the time, the temperature, the speed, the trip distance and the ODO. Its LED-only lighting package not only provides the full brightness but also is less power-consuming if compared with the traditional lights.


S9 Venus

Code: HWS9

S9 is Heartway’s latest 6 mp/h power scooter. It is supplied with an informative digital control panel which is so compact that it has a clock, a temperature reader, an odometer and a battery bar all together on its trendy and futuristic display. Also this scooter does boast of its well-designed independent front and rear suspension system. It surely provides a high level of comfort for the user in all the demanding places!



Lifting and Reclining Armchairs

Now with Single or Twin German Motors

  • German Frame and Motor
  • Twin motors version has independent controls for back and foot rests
  • Various colours available
  • Leather-like or microfibre cloth
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Manfactured for over 25 years


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